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Monday, April 13

2:00pm CDT

The State of TLS on Apache HTTP Server - William A Rowe Jr
The days of deploying the default, example httpd.conf to enable mod_ssl are long gone. Smart organizations and business have changed their cipher suite, added ECDHE keys and stronger RSA keys to now default to forward secrecy operation. They have shifted from SSL session caches to session tickets to further attain perfect forward secrecy. And they are rolling out OCSP stapling services, they are dropping the SSLv3 Protocol and they are adopting TLS virtual hosting to solidify their deployments. Learn the out of the box httpd mod_ssl facilities, and how to harden and enhance your web server deployments.

Monday April 13, 2015 2:00pm - 2:50pm CDT
Zilker 4
Tuesday, April 14

10:40am CDT

Deploying Python Web Applications - Jeff Trawick
This session will cover deployment of Python applications behind httpd using mod_proxy, including the following topics: * pros and cons of different protocols and socket types supported by mod_proxy * how to offload file serving to httpd, with or without authorization for files handled by the application * passing through HTTP Basic Authentication to the application * examples of using important general capabilities of httpd in support of your application * introduction to Ansible-based automation of deployment


Tuesday April 14, 2015 10:40am - 11:30am CDT
Zilker 4

11:40am CDT

The mod_proxy Cookbook - Daniel Ruggeri
The extensive work over the years on the proxy modules has given httpd a degree of flexibility and intelligence that rivals some hardware load balancers. In this session, the speaker will discuss how a few features of different load balancing solutions line up and why mod_proxy/mod_proxy_balancer may be the best choice for you. After providing an overview of configuration directives, the session will begin exploring solutions to many problems that may arise in today's world of complex web applications and cloud-based systems where mod_proxy just makes it all that much easier.

Complicated load balancing setups? No problem! Misbehaving backend applications? Child's play! After this session, the functional basis will be set for handling nearly any proxy situation you can think of.

avatar for Daniel Ruggeri

Daniel Ruggeri

Principal Engineer, Mastercard
Daniel is Principle Cloud Architect at Mastercard and an Open Source evangelist. Responsible for setting the direction of Mastercard regarding the Web and Cloud space, he spends his days and nights playing with infrastructure and the code that powers it both inside the firewall and... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 11:40am - 12:30pm CDT
Zilker 4

3:00pm CDT

Using Apache Traffic Server to cache 'Live TV' - Mark Torluemke, Comcast
As the technologies that drive TV Everywhere move from second screens (mobile devices) to first screens, the pressure is mounting for the systems to be pristine. This talk is a look at the test suite we have built to emulate adaptive bitrate (ABR) video in real-world network scenarios, the graphical analysis of the test data, and the configuration changes made to ATS to accomplish our business objectives.


Mark Torluemke

Mark is an engineer at Comcast, and one of the original members of the engineering team that is building our open-standards and open source based CDN. Mark is typically the member of the team that "fills in the gaps" to ensure our products meet the proper technical and business r... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 3:00pm - 3:50pm CDT
Zilker 4

4:20pm CDT

Traffic Server on the Edge - Alan Carroll, Network Geographics
In this talk I will look briefly at what Traffic Server does and its basic use. I will then look at building vertically integrated network infrastructure for content delivery networks using Traffic Server as a component. The focus will be on the challenges encountered in this infrastructure, key benefits of such deployments, along with the impact on the Apache community. Some examples of deployed CDNs will be examined.

I will conclude by looking at Traffic Server in the edge architecture as it is used by an increasingly diverse ecosystem. The reward for a job well done is a harder job and as Traffic Server succeeds in single purpose CDNs it is expected to succeed in multi-tenant environments and blend smoothly in to the cloud. These are currently open issues and I will discuss why they are desired, the problems involved, and some of the efforts at overcoming those proble


Alan M. Carroll

Senior Technical Yahoo, Yahoo!
I started coding when I was 9, went professional at 14, and never looked back. My first big project was Epoch, the original X-Windowing version of GNU Emacs. I worked at a small startup until it was, through a string of acquisitions, acquired by Cisco. I worked on security and firewall... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 4:20pm - 5:10pm CDT
Zilker 4

5:20pm CDT

Replacing Squid with Apache Traffic Server for Yahoo - Shu Kit Chan, Yahoo!
Squid & Apache Traffic Server (ATS) are both caching proxy servers, which reduce bandwidth & improve response times by caching & reusing frequently-requested pages. At Yahoo we had long been using Squid & developed different use cases relying on various Squid features, such as Stale-While-Revalidate & CARP routing. And then in 2012 we began a new strategy to fully adopt the open source ATS & we had since been working hard on converting these use cases to migrate to ATS. In this talk we will go over the reasons & the benefits of the migration. We will also discuss our use cases & how we supported them using ATS. Finally we will share some performance numbers & conclude with our learning & a best practice guide.

Idea of sharing of these info in Yahoo perspectives is largely inspired by Igor Galic's original talk proposal of "Replacing Squid with ATS" for Apachecon Europe 2014.


Shu Kit Chan

Software Engineer, Self Employed
This proposal is submitted by Shu Kit Chan and Pushkar Sachdeva. Pushkar is a Senior Software Engineer at Yahoo!. He has been with Yahoo for over 5 years and enjoys working on the proxy layer. He has been part of many interesting projects at Yahoo! like Assembly At The Edge (gave... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 5:20pm - 6:10pm CDT
Zilker 4
Wednesday, April 15

1:15pm CDT

Apache HTTP Configuration API for Developers - William A Rowe Jr
The Apache HTTP Server module configuration API can be a daunting challenge to approach. Per-server and per-directory configuration scopes, merging of configuration sections, optimizations to survive complex configurations, and configuration directive handling are all challanges to the beginning and even an adept Apache module author. Join us as we unwind this complexity for the new module author or existing module hacker and offer best practices, promote more robust module configuration, and allow for easier introduction of new features.

Wednesday April 15, 2015 1:15pm - 2:05pm CDT
Texas II
  httpd, Intermediate