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Monday, April 13

10:45am CDT

Apache Cordova in Action - Hazem Saleh, IBM
Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile apps using common Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Apache Cordova offers a set of APIs that allow the mobile app developers to utilize mobile native functions such as (Audio, Camera, Contacts …etc) using JavaScript. jQuery mobile is one of the best mobile web application frameworks, which allows the web developers to develop neat mobile web applications. This session discusses why there is a need for Hybrid mobile development, the current challenges of mobile development, and how using Apache Cordova can help in overcoming many of these technical challenges. It also highlights the best practices of using Apache Cordova with jQuery mobile. Finally, it demonstrates a real Cordova mobile app for showing the audience the best practices of designing, developing, and deploying hybrid Android and iOS mobile apps.

avatar for Hazem Saleh

Hazem Saleh

Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
Hazem Saleh has twelve years of experience in mobile and open source technologies. He is an Apache project management committee (PMC) member that spent more than eight years working for Apache open source software. Besides being the author of four technical books about web and mobile... Read More →

Monday April 13, 2015 10:45am - 11:35am CDT
Texas III

11:45am CDT

Cordova CLI vs API: Combining Cordova with Other Web Dev Tools Using Build System Workflows - Mark Koudritsky, Google
The traditional Cordova CLI based development workflow is often difficult to add into existing web apps or combine with other popular tools such as Sass, CoffeeScript, Bower etc. I will demonstrate the cordova tools API using a simple workflow based on Gulp where Cordova can easily coexist with such tools allowing for greater flexibility in workflow customization and automation.


Monday April 13, 2015 11:45am - 12:35pm CDT
Texas III

2:00pm CDT

Tools for Cordova Committers - Andrew Grieve, Google
The Cordova project can sometimes be hard to contribute to given the large number of pieces that make it up. There are a few tools that make it much more manageable though. In this session, Andrew will cover many of the tools and techniques that make developing on Cordova a more coherent experience.

avatar for Andrew Grieve

Andrew Grieve

I'm a Googler working full-time on the Cordova project for the past two years. Come talk to me about Cordova, open web platform, Chrome for Android, webviews, whatever!

Monday April 13, 2015 2:00pm - 2:50pm CDT
Texas III

3:00pm CDT

Egocentric Architecture - Benjamin Young, The Hypothesis Project
These days, all our data moves away from us. We comment in someone else's site. We store our photos behind lengthy terms of service. We scatter our digital selves across the cloudy online landscape.

We can also change things for the better.

In this talk, we'll explore the self-centered world of offline-first applications. Apache CouchDB's replication protocol has provided simple data movement for over a half decade. Adding PouchDB to the mix (with it's CouchDB compatible replication), means our data can start close to us and move to the Cloud when we choose--or when the Cloud happens to be available.

We'll first explore the personal and business implications, then an example application that combines Apache CouchDB, PouchDB, and pouch.host to build an offline-first, egocentric application to prove the points.

avatar for Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young

Strategic Architect, John Wiley & Sons
Benjamin Young is a Strategic Architect at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. His work for Wiley includes collaborating to build out internal policy and standards for open source, APIs, and privacy enhancing technology. Benjamin also works extensively with standards organizations such as the... Read More →

Monday April 13, 2015 3:00pm - 3:50pm CDT
Texas III

4:00pm CDT

Internet of Things - Justin Mclean, Class Software
CPUs that cost thousands a decade ago are now cost a few dollars. The Arduino platform has lowered barriers to entry so that people with minimal tech knowledge can create special purpose computers capable of changing the world. Open Source Hardware is in autonomous drones, 3D printers, DNA replicators, satellites, city-wide sensor networks, smart houses and wearable computers. In this talk I'll take you through what Open Source Hardware is and isn't, OSW licensing, recent advances in OSW, show a range of projects and demonstrate what's possible now, and warn about some the threats (lack of protocol standards and vendor lock in to name two) that may hinder the growth of Open Source Hardware.

avatar for Justin Mclean

Justin Mclean

Founder, Class Software
Justin Mclean has more than 25 years experience in developing web based applications and is involved in the open source hardware movement. He runs his own consulting company Class Software and has spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and overseas including previous ApacheCon... Read More →

Monday April 13, 2015 4:00pm - 4:50pm CDT
Texas III

5:00pm CDT

Data management for Apps That Work as Well Offline as They Do on the Network - Andrew Trice, IBM
Preparing mobile apps to accommodate large-scale growth brings fundamentally new challenges to backend management: the availability of data on offline devices, database sync and replication, and previously unimaginable usage spikes brought on by live events and media features. With mobile apps, you have to make it big. In this talk, IBM Developer Advocate Andrew Trice argues that the rise of mobile introduces new challenges (e.g. offline application data and database sync) that fundamentally cannot be addressed in even the most complex relational database management systems (RDBMS). Andrew will discuss current work at IBM Cloudant to launch enterprise-grade mobile-back-end-as-a-service (MBaaS) products and to simplify data management for mobile developers in both the public and private cloud.

avatar for Andrew Trice

Andrew Trice

Andrew Trice is a technical advocate, experienced software architect, team leader, accomplished speaker, and published author who possesses more than 15 years of designing and implementing rich applications for the web, desktop, mobile, and wearable devices. Andrew has delivered industry... Read More →

Monday April 13, 2015 5:00pm - 5:50pm CDT
Texas III
Tuesday, April 14

10:40am CDT

Cordova: Are Universal Apps Enough? - Eric Mittelette, Microsoft
Universal Apps are the promise of applications that can easy run on any Windows device, but is that enough? How about running on any Windows device as well as any mobile device regardless of operating system? Cordova is an excellent example of cross platform technology. Cordova is also THE example of Universal App enabler. During this session we will demonstrate what "Universal App" means in the context of Cordova. We will look at tooling that can be used to deliver on the Cordova vision of Universal App (and Cross Platform) paradigm.

avatar for Eric Mittelette

Eric Mittelette

Program Manager, Microsoft
A Developer Evangelist since 2000, Eric has a focus on open source software and frameworks at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc, he works now as a Senior Program Manager for the Visual C++ (VCLib). Eric has been passionate about code and algorithms since the 90's and works with C... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 10:40am - 11:30am CDT
Texas III

11:40am CDT

Corinthia, A Responsive Design Editor for the Cloud and Mobile Devices - Jan Iversen
Corinthia is a brand new apache project, based on the very successfull UXwrite editor. Peter Kelly decided earlier this year to make his editor open source (Thanks), and we rapidly built a community around it. Corinthia is firstly a toolkit for document format conversion, that ffacilitates round trip conversion without data loss. The engine us a complete new idea comming from desktop editors like LO and AOO. The idea of the editor is not to replace a full fledged desktop editor, but merely to let you correct minor things when you discuss your work with friends wich of course happens on a tablet.


Jan Iversen

my family
Jan Iversen is danish, live in spain and have developed software since 1975, member of ASF, Chair of LABS and commiter/PMC in several projects. Jan Iversen´s main focus is to help make the foundation an even better place for opensource projects. Jan Iversen works with Apache OpenOffice... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 11:40am - 12:30pm CDT
Texas III

2:00pm CDT

Using Cloud Based VMs to Build Community - Ross Gardler, Apache Software Foundation
The first step in building a viable open source community around your first usable codebase is to attract users who may later become contributors. This session looks at best practices for using Virtual Machines to support users and potential contributors.

In this interactive session we'll discuss what users want from trial environments. We will also discuss what we need to provide in order to help a user become a contributor. Next, we'll explore ways of providing those environments as part of the normal release process of a typical project. Finally we'll take a quick look at how this kind of activity not only benefits the project community but can also drive business to companies providing services based on the open source project.

avatar for Ross Gardler

Ross Gardler

EVP, Apache Software Foundation
Ross Gardler has been involved with open source in one form or another since the mid ‘90s. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he currently serves as the foundations EVP. He works at Microsoft on the Linux Compute team in Azure.

Tuesday April 14, 2015 2:00pm - 2:50pm CDT
Texas III

3:00pm CDT

Zero to Test Driven Infrastructure Workflow in Six Hours - Sean Carolan, Chef Software
Zero to Test Driven Apache Infrastructure (Sean Carolan, chef.io) - Why should we test our infrastructure code? This workshop will teach participants to automate the installation of the Apache web server with the Chef automation framework. Participants will learn how to install and configure the Apache web server, and run tests against their infrastructure code. During the workshop we'll cover syntax and lint testing, unit tests, and acceptance and integration testing.

avatar for Sean Carolan

Sean Carolan

Technology Specialist - Terraform, HashiCorp
Sean is a Technology Specialist based in Austin, Texas.

Tuesday April 14, 2015 3:00pm - 3:50pm CDT
Texas III

4:20pm CDT

Modern DevOps with Docker in 2015 - Avi Cavale, Shippable
2014 was the year of Docker. The container-based world exploded on the scene with the promise to reinvent how you think about distributed applications. But is it just hype or are there immediate benefits to be realized? Join us to explore Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery leveraging containers, one of the early use cases proving successful with Docker, resulting in reduced Dev/Test cycle times and lower infrastructure costs. We'll walk through the end-to-end CI/CD workflow, highlighting the big wins containers have introduced, as well as discuss common challenges to avoid. Lastly, we'll look ahead, identifying the next set of use cases to likely achieve real-world benefits from containers.

avatar for Avi Cavale

Avi Cavale

Avi Cavale is the co-founder and CEO of Shippable, a venture-backed hosted continuous delivery service built on containers. Previously, Avi spent over a decade at Microsoft building highly scalable Internet services and working on products like Xbox 360, Office365, Azure and Kinect... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 4:20pm - 5:10pm CDT
Texas III

5:20pm CDT

Best Practices for Virtual Appliances: Creating Integrated Environments For Users and Developers - Sean Mackrory, Cloudera
Many software projects suffer from a lack of a good “Quick Start” environment. Complex systems can have obstacles such as obscure dependencies and error-prone procedures. Distributing a portable reference environment solves this problem for users and developers alike but it is not without pitfalls. The presentation will cover best-practices for creating a VM, live CD, Docker app or cloud deployment that will be reliable, lean, and most importantly, useful. Such a platform is ideal for demos, tutorials, testing, and more. Segments include:

* Uses for virtual appliances
* Recommended tools
* Nuances of common hypervisors
* Network configuration pitfalls
* Minimizing disk space & memory requirements
* And many other tips

avatar for Sean Mackrory

Sean Mackrory

Software Engineer, Cloudera
Sean Mackrory is a PMC member on Apache Bigtop, a PPMC member on Apache Sentry (incubating), and a software engineer at Cloudera. He’s created and maintained virtual appliances in connection with Apache Bigtop as well with Cloudera, and is currently working on Cloudera Live and... Read More →

Tuesday April 14, 2015 5:20pm - 6:10pm CDT
Texas III